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What Can Medical Marijuana Be Used For?

October 12, 2016

Medical marijuana is becoming a popular alternative treatment or supplemental treatment for many different conditions. As medical marijuana gains popularity and acceptance across the nation, it is important to educate the general public on how medical marijuana can be used and what are the benefits.

One of the number one arguments that is made in support of medical marijuana is that it can accomplish the same jobs as certain pharmaceutical drugs without all the negative side effects. This is a very valid argument. Let's use pain killers as just one example. Pain killers are known for being very addictive. The addictive nature of pain killers is not up for debate. There are people on both sides of the argument of if medical marijuana is addictive or not. This already puts marijuana ahead of painkillers. Different pain killers are also known for being very, very hard on different organs. When used long term or abused, pain killers can not only hurt organs but totally destroy them. Marijuana does have side effects, but they are generally not considered so severe.

Medical Marijuana can be an alternative to many pharmaceutical drugs

Ritalin is another popular drug that is known to have tons of negative side effects. Common side effects include head aches, stomach aches, loss of appetite, weight loss, insomnia, irritability, high blood pressure, and so much more. The long term effects of Ritalin use is just barely being seen. Marijuana has been used to treat ADD and ADHD without nearly as long of a list of potential side effects.

Medical marijuana is often used to treat pain, like already stated. People who suffer from migraines, spinal injuries, or even severe pain from PMS have all been shown to feel relief with the use of marijuana. Some of these people were not able to experience the same level of relief with the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Talking about symptoms and diseases that are not always successfully treated with current pharmaceutical drugs, it is important to discuss seizures and epilepsy. There are cases of epilepsy that are considered drug resistant. These cases have had no or very little improvement of the number or severity of their seizure with the usual drugs. Many of these cases have seen dramatic improvement with the proper use of medical marijuana.

One of the most well known uses, as well as the most well researched, of medical marijuana is the treatment of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition that can reduce a person's ability to see and even lead to total blindness. This occurs when the pressure inside of the eye builds up and causes damage to the ocular nerve. Marijuana has been clinically proven to help the keep the pressure in the eye lower.

These are just a brief list of ways that medical marijuana can be more helpful or useful that the pharmaceutical equivalents. Talking to your doctor is the best way to know if medical marijuana might be an option for you. If you are a good candidate for medical marijuana, Flash Buds can deliver your medical marijuana straight to your door.


Find a medical marijuana delivery service near you!

April 11, 2016

Believe it or not we now live in a time where you can buy medical marijuana online and have it delivered to your home. This is not a drill, people. This is real stuff. This may be the first time that you are hearing this new and exciting information; if that is the case you probably have a lot of questions. Fortunately, our friends over at Flash Buds have all of the answers for you. Flash Buds can be found in Southern California, and is a full service medical marijuana delivery service. Below are some questions that Flash Buds is frequently asked about the medical marijuana industry and how the delivery process works.

Frequently Asked Questions from Flash Buds:

1. What exactly do I need to get a membership with Flash Buds?

Membership is FREE and open to everyone over the age of 18. We do require that you have a current California Doctor's recommendation that we can verify, and a current valid state issued California ID.

2. Do I have to be a member to order online?

Yes, and becoming a member of our collective is very easy! Simply click on the 'Register' link at the top of this page to begin the process. You will need to fill out a quick membership form, and we will also need a copy of your California Physician's "Recommendation for use of Cannabis", and California State ID. Membership is absolutely FREE.

4. Does Flash Buds have a physical location where I can pick up my medication?

We are a non-profit Delivery Only service offering in-home medical cannabis delivery to patients with a valid California recommendation. A physical location for pick-up service is not available.

5. Will I pay tax on my order with Flash Buds?

No tax is added to your order. Flash Buds accepts donations only for your order and our weed delivery service. The prices you see are suggested donation amounts for services rendered.

6. How Does Medical Cannabis work?

cannabis deliveryScientists have learned a great deal about how THC acts in the brain to produce its many effects. When someone smokes marijuana, THC rapidly passes from the lungs into the bloodstream, which carries the element to the brain and other organs throughout the body. THC acts upon specific sites in the brain, called cannabinoid receptors, kicking off a series of cellular reactions that ultimately lead to the “high” that users experience when they smoke marijuana. Some brain areas have many cannabinoid receptors; others have few or none. The highest density of cannabinoid receptors are found in parts of the brain that influence pleasure, memory, thoughts, concentration, sensory, time perception, and coordinated movement.

The best way to know if medical marijuana is right for you is to talk to a doctor who is well versed in medical marijuana properties and benefits. They can help you to make that decision and figure out what will work best for you. If you and your doctor have decided that medical marijuana is a good choice for your treatment, check out Flash Buds for medical marijuana delivery service today!

Marijuana Delivery Services That Guide The Ill

January 19, 2016

This is something that will actually make them be at the top of the list for some is the best places to be able to buy medical weed online. The dispensaries are now beginning to have all of these different ways for people to be able to buy medical marijuana delivery services. This is actually becoming a very popular thing because of the convenience of it. The days of having to go through each and every one of the previously a lot of times before which were actually mentioned steps all you get your prescription from your pharmacy are now going to end. You will become really familiar with this type of process and begin to really enjoy it.

The truth of the matter here is actually that there is something that you would not want to have to deal with. One of the last things that you would ever want to happen is that you would fall into a hole of something and have an allergic reaction. Now, this may actually be a little bit on the extreme cases side of all of the things that you may actually be concerned about.

In most of the cases that you may actually come across though there are going to be a lot of people who will want to also join the rest of the group on the things that they may have once thought were scary. This exact thing is they there are now companies who are making the medical marijuana delivery service options completely available to people who have the correct documentation for that particular type of medication for any type of use.

As a matter of fact one of the only things is that the medical cannabis delivery companies do have to go through a very thorough process in order to make sure that the medical cannabis that they are selling to their customers is actually going to someone who legally had the rights to be buying it. It is very likely that everyone goes through some pretty hard times in their life. This does not at all mean that this will be the reason why you will need to make sure that you are going to the correct doctor.

That particular doctor will be the one who will actually have the medical professional licensure that will be able to allow that particular type of a medical doctor to be able to legitimately right a medical marijuana delivery services which will be the best prescription option for you. This will then be the one type of a medical professional who will actually be able to make sure that everything that you are doing is going to be one of the main reasons why you are the same person. They will be the ones who will actually be able to get it through to their customers about the ability to not have to go anywhere to get their medical marijuana delivery service products. The great thing about it is they will actually be delivered to you.

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